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A new concept of hotel, completely organic and caring of the environment: Hotel Exquis combines all this to offer you an alternative, environmentally-conscious stay and wants to provide a moment of reflection and attention, without neglecting modernity, elegance and contemporary comforts.

Staying here will be a new experience for you, whether you come for leisure or for work. Everything is organic, with food of extreme quality: for us, quantity is not what matters but what we offer. At any time of day, you can have something to eat and drink around our large table or in your room. Healthy, balanced and unique meals.

But that's not all: here, respect for the environment is a must. Cleaning products, energy savings, use of blankets and duvets, sorting waste, our team's uniforms, low consumption lights, even renewable energy contracts. We also use green taxis, and complimentary products containing no chemicals.

You see, we want to offer you a stay with a full awareness of what is environmentally friendly. We offer healthy food, an incredible atmosphere with comfortable and special rooms where you'll be happy to stay and where you will have a different perception of spaces and objects.

The hotel also features a store, Hotel Exquis Shop where you shop automatically and conveniently and buy all that a modern traveller requires. Outside is a great neighbourhood full of shops, bookstores, grocery stores, the most characteristic side of this unique city.

The hotel enjoys a unique location and you can move freely and reach any point of the city quickly and easily thanks to convenient public transport.

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Hi Matic Eco-Logis Urbain, 71 Rue de Charonne - 75011 - Paris

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